Construction Demolition and Renovation

Jakarta, Indonesia - Every now and then, there are a lot of demolition and renovation the many countries since the development of the industry is fast evolving. Axis Capital Group, a construction company based in Singapore has heaps of questions on how to renovate and demolish their houses with our construction equipment. Basically, we would suggest for them to hire a professional but with meager budget, they would rather do it themselves. We have listed some of the following tips for you to review later on when you are to demolish and renovate your house.


Demolition--or simply "demo"--is an essential part of nearly every home renovation project. Before you put in that new floor, you've got to rip out the old carpet. Before you install that nice granite tiled shower stall, you need to tear out the old 1972 era avocado-colored fiberglass unit.


But demolition can be dangerous, frustrating, and expensive. And if not done right, it can nip your whole renovation project in the bud.