Fashion in the 1950s

Every era and 10 years has its fashion harga batik keris that end up turning out to be an icon of that particular amount of time in history. The Fifties specifically were an interesting time, as much new and bold designs found their way onto the market. This was actually the time when teenagers begun to dress even more evocatively and found a method of their own - and as a result they have continued to do so ever since.

Individual clothing parts also made their way in to the public eye during this time. Several popular chain started selling essential pieces such as knitted sweater dresses. Due to the widespread character of the stores lots of people were able to get hold of the items and wear them frequently as a result.

Women had an extremely specific look to follow during the Fifties. Full skirts were very much the order of the day, but this the waistline was quite definitely tucked in. This was the case with both skirts and dresses. Floral designs were also very popular together with these dresses and skirts as well.

Even outerwear such as coats and jackets experienced this same look for females. The coats flared outwards as they went down, within the skirts of the same design. They tended to become buttoned up to the collar and the collar itself could be very close fitting sometimes. The whole look could possibly be topped off with a hat that was either very large with a broad brim or really small and minimal, just like a pill box design.

Some components of 1950s fashion were also carried on from previous decades. A good example was the bobby sock, something of clothes that was also popular during the 1940s. This was easily in conjunction with many of the 1950s fashions for females, creating a look that is still iconic of these times today.

Nylon stockings were also getting into their own through the Fifties. A lot of this was due to the fact that nylon originated during World Battle Two. This meant many women were now taking the chance to include these new stockings into their overall fashion wardrobe.

In many ways the Fifties were an iconic time. This period are remembered and immediately recognised through the clothes that were worn back then. Many of the fashion items were quite simple however you like, driven largely by the fact that World War Two hadn't long come to an end. Expensive items were not commensurate with the days, but innovation certainly was.

But even today people can take inspiration from the Fifties. Vintage jewellery is one of the most popular methods to bring inspiration out of this era in to the 21st century, blending it with modern designs to create another new fashion look.