Victor Edozien: More Tips on Innovative Management

Asaba Group Holdings continues to seek innovative solutions to problems that will enhance their company's viability as well as develop their clients' experience with the company through the services the company provides. 


Here are more vital steps you can take to develop your business management: 


1. Innovation is beyond invention 


Invention commonly refers to the creation of something new or novel while innovation involves improving upon something that already exists. But if we observe King Solomon's wisdom, nothing new is ever created and so we end up equating invention with innovation. Nevertheless, innovation, as it is applied in the modern context, requires going beyond the mere creation of something that has not been conceived or produced before by humans. 


Certainly, the smartphone did not exist before the '90s. It is an invention as well as an innovation in communication. However, the way it was conceived off initially, it was a practical tool for replacing the old land-based phone for the sole purpose of making direct calls. Of course, now we know what smartphones are now capable of doing – and that is innovation adding to what had been already invented. 


As someone has put it, invention is the first step of the process; innovation is the continuing process of improving upon what exists. Birds already flew for millennia upon the earth; but it took human ingenuity to imitate and even surpass the possibilities of flight. 


2. Innovativeness should become an acquired habit 


The desire and discipline to attain excellence is never an inborn quality. Children either catch the ability to be creative from somewhere or they are taught to become so. Even prodigies need to hear or see something before they can acquire some proficiency in certain artistic skills. In general though, creative or innovative genius arises because there is a need or the desire to achieve something extraordinary. 


In the organization, innovation can only be of great use and value when more people are constantly engaged in the process of improving how things are done. Releasing the energy to innovate demands providing enough individual freedom to workers, as well as collective independence, in order for the organization to come up with novel solutions. 


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