Peterson Group Review: Identifying Counterfeit Tamiflu

Peterson Group Review: Identifying Counterfeit Tamiflu


The following can be a basic of identifying counterfeit medicines: 

• Check the packaging and label and look for the features described below.

• Tamiflu comes in four different formulations:

1.            Tamiflu® 75mg (capsules)

2.            Tamiflu® 45mg (capsules) New Packs only

3.            Tamiflu® 30mg (capsules) New Packs only

4.            Tamiflu® dry powder for suspension 12 mg/ml

• If you have any doubts or suspicions about a product you have purchased, contact your pharmacist or physician immediately


Roche, the legitimate manufacturer of Tamiflu has also released an official statement regarding the counterfeiting of their products. George Abercrombie, president and CEO, Hoffman- La Roche Inc. states, "We take the counterfeiting threat extremely seriously, and continually adapt our procedures. Diminishing the threat, of course, requires active cooperation of all parties involved -- regulatory and law enforcement, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and ultimately consumers."


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