Herbal Sexual Enhancement Remedies To Improve Female Sexual Performance

One of the commonest worries of women in forties is low sex drive and relationship issues where the partner suspects 'you don't love me', mainly, due to low sexual drive. Usually every woman thinks only she is experiencing this kind of problem of low drive where she no more gets excited on seeing a partner and rarely women talk about it to their partner. Women who undergo the pre menopausal stage suffer from it due to reduced flow of estrogen in body. Men in the same way loose testosterone in middle age and it can also reduce their desire level. The reduced flow of estrogen in body in women has other side effects. It makes the body dry and the process of love gets painful. 

Women may not feel the lubrication and the female organ will tighten to prevent insertion. The genital area gets thinner and the loss of elasticity further makes the organ dull. Many women who have undergone childbirth suffer from various other issues of the reproductive organs and when the organs loose elasticity it affects their self-esteem, libido and level of performance in lovemaking. There are many useful herbal sexual enhancement remedies that can be taken by women suffering from these problems that can help to improve the desire level, lubrication, libido and performance with partner. 

Herbal sexual enhancement remedies are made up of components which have rare compositions. Kamni capsules are a popular herbal sexual enhancement remedies which is widely used by women to enhance libido. It is made up of bhasma and herbs. One of the ingredients of the herbal sexual enhancement remedies is Abhrak bhasma, which is used to cure many types of weaknesses and psychosomatic disorders of the human body. It is prepared through the process of calcination from mica, herb saps and decoctions. The process used to prepare the bhasma is caused PUTA, where repeated calcination and mixing with herbs is done to get the preparation at various specified temperatures. It is known by various names due to composition such as mica nano particles, oxidized mica, biotite calx etc. The chemical formula of the stone includes iron, magnesium, and potassium, and calcium, traces of aluminium and alkaloids of the herbs. 

The bhasma is used for various health conditions. It is believed to be an energy booster that can be taken to cure many conditions of the nervous system. It cures the digestive conditions and improves blood volume due to the presence of good amount of iron. It helps in improving metabolism and repairing damaged tissues of the body. It rejuvenates the body system and restores elasticity of the body muscles. It enhances the flow of bio-complex compounds to promote endocrines secretions. In ayurveda people who suffer from uneasiness, palpitation, sweating, and irritability are advised to take the composition containing the abhrak bhasma. This when mixed with other useful natural compounds, provides the body with great source of energy to enhance libido and performance in lovemaking. 

Herbal sexual enhancement remedies contain other forms of bhasmas and minerals which are prepared in a range of herbs and the final product helps in increasing physical and mental stamina in women.

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