Effective Maintenance Tips for Cabinets Kitchen Countertops

Making care maintenance for your kitchen cabinets countertops every day is necessary and vital for each homeowner to keep their kitchen countertops new and prolong service life. If you have no idea to clean your kitchen countertops, then here I share you some tips that is useful for you.

  1. Remember do not place heat cooker on the countertops directly for a long time, those hot pot you just take out from the microwave oven, ovenware, and cooking bench, will hurt the counter top, so you had better use the support or one insulation mat.
  2. Put one board when you want to cut food, or not, the top will have some scratches. But do not worry the scratch, you can use the sandpaper and scouring pad to wipe the surface.
  3. Keep the cabinets countertops dry, and avoid soaking and being out of shape. For artificial stone countertops, you should stop the bleaching agent and scale from making the countertops color fade, and lose its nice looking.
  4. Keep the table top away from the strong chemicals such as paint, gold cleaner, oven cleaner, strong acid cleaner. After the countertops have touched these liquid, you should use soapy water to clean the surface at once.
  5. Do not hit and knock the surface strongly, heavy things should not put on the solid surface for a long time, and do not wash it with hot water after you use cold water first.
  6. It is ok to use soapy water or cleanser with clean water, then dry cloth for wiping.

Hope you get the best way to offer care maintenance for countertops from this article, for more details of countertops, do not hesitate to contact us.