MG400Q1US41 Toshiba Power Transistor Module

Get MG400Q1US41 now at It’s time to power up your heavy machineries.


MG400Q1US41 is the power module you need to make a performance upgrade of your heavy machineries. This Toshiba power transistor module may have a weight of 103 lbs. But you’ll be surprised as to how far it can boost your machineries’ power!


With a collector current of 400A and a collector emitter voltage of 200V, MG400Q1US41 is equipped with high input impedance, high speed and low saturation voltage to ensure high level of efficiency and reliability to the transistor module.


Classified as an IGBT, MG400Q1US41 truly works best on high power switching applications or those commonly seen in industrial and manufacturing settings. Even with the ability to power up heavy machineries, rest assured that MG400Q1US41 poses no risks of injury to nearby individuals.