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Voice Stak - The triple threat for marketers

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What if there was a way to build your email list, create social proof, while providing unrivaled customer/visitor support…

Well there is NOW!

With Voice Stak

Voice Stak allows you to capture voice and video messages from YOUR site visitors and customers.

With features like…

[+] Capture both Audio & Video Messages
[+] Beautifully Designed Site Widgets
[+] Push Video Messages to YouTube
[+] Build Your Email List on Auto-Pilot
[+] Receive SMS Notifications for New Messages
[+] Automatically Create a Support Ticket
[+] Embed Anywhere

It truly is the TRIPLE threat!

Instead of “assuming” you know what your visitors or customers are thinking – ask them!

By gathering REAL intelligence you can…

– Improve your website usability
– Provide superior customer service
– Find issues with your checkout process
– Gather product/service feedback
– Generate new/more sales
– Add video testimonials
– Add audio clips for podcasts

Overall…create HAPPIER visitors/customers!

Get Voice Stak for your site (lifetime special going on for 7 days):

P.S. If you haven’t checked out the demo – go now.  This is going to change how marketers and site owners engage and interact with their website visitors.