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Sade Sati Sade Sati may be the 7 1/2 year long period of planet Saturn, when Saturn transit the twelfth, first and second houses from one's moon chart (the positioning of moon in zodiac sign of a person during birth is called his/ her moon indication). The kado ulang tahun untuk pacar, hadiah ulang tahun untuk pacar in astrology considered Sade Sati the most horrible period. Saturn will take thirty years to create one circular of the Zodiac hence 2.5 years in each indication x 3 = 7.5 years.

Sade Sati Effects

First 2.5 Years of Sade Sati (Dhayya) The of Saturn 12th house from moon, the wicked results may be felt more from the parents or near relations. During this period you may go through the decline in financial issues by raising the plentiful expenditures. Due to seventh aspect on sixth house, consequently you may be in debts. Lastly because of tenth aspect on ninth home, General fortune may bring down and may cause hindrance to the father.

Second 2.5 Years of Sade Sati (Dhayya) In this period transits 1st home from moon, it impact the person himself in domestic due to seventh aspect on seventh house and skilled pastures due to tenth aspect on tenth home. Staying in the first house this implies sick health, can lead to Weak budget, parting from family, lose friends, rising in plentiful expenditures non-fulfill the promises, embarrassment, lack of self-assurance and self-esteem. These outcomes can happen only when Saturn is stand-in as malefic in one's chart as enlightened over. Only few a person encounter Sade Satti may suffer each one of these results. For majority, there might be mixed results only.

Third 2.5 Years of Sade Sati (Dhayya) In this period Saturn transits second house from Moon, It impact health, children and May even death if it is faced in old age. Because of the 8th house aspect, it may cause monitory Loss, rising in plentiful expenses, sick health, and despondent family life. Because of aspect on 4th home mental stress, financial loss, increase in rivals, physical agony, clashes in romantic relationship and acquaintances, plenty of sorrows.

During this period people experience some stresses and troubles nonetheless it is nothing to be scared about. Almost every person must encounter at least 2 Sade Satis' in his life. Sade sati differ from person to person depending on the planetary position in types' birth chart still while giving some troubles and strains, it doesn't refute you achievement.

Unluckily astrologers take no see of the constructive side of Saturn and task it just as a wicked planet.

All types of terrible email address details are predicted by the astrologers to fright the people and apart from living under fright; people spend big money on all types of remedies.

SADE SATTI REMEDIES There are many remedies for Sade Sati; the most efficient is certainly to donate in charity on every Saturday during this time period. Second one is to maintain talisman of Saturn which can be made only during exaltation of planet Saturn (This time comes once after every 30 years when Saturn reaches 23 Degree in Libra).