Scratch Map as a Travel Accessory and a Perfect Gift

2 cm but if you look a little more closely, so as to every country is included in a thin layer of light weight aluminum, that may scratch to reveal hadiah ulang tahun untuk pacar, kado untuk pacar detail and program, to the statements which you have visited enough-not really "cheating" to impress your guests.

Scratch Map is a individualized world map, and the ideal gift for travelers unredeemed. With him are assured to all travel with a smile: scratching the united states or region you just visited on the globe map. All continents are precious metal and the scratch appears each nation of a different color.

This map is waiting around to "scratch" the areas you go to and reveal geographical details and colors! Initially look like a typical plain paper. But this is a unique map that thanks to a thin layer of aluminium that is, it gives you the opportunity to "scratch" and to display colours countries and information! Most will remember easier the countries you travel and site visitors your house will overlook a beautiful and sophisticated map the locations you have visited! Dimensions: 81.9 cm x 58.2 cm.

It is the ideal for those who enjoy traveling and so are always eager to find out more countries. With Scratch Map you need to always remember what countries you've visited and everything you are going to visit. Al Scratch each one of the countries shows the initial color of each, you can observe the result in the various images Product. Not just for yourself, but such a map can be an ideal gift for someone you care about too, and that to a distinctive one.

Addition to the countries with their capitals, are the major cities, in order that everyone who sees it can get an idea of what exactly are the must-visit cities in each country. And for those who have an interesting resume as traveler can body it and hold on a wall of the area, so all your friends understand that know much globe. To scratch in the Scratch Map, you just need a coin and just a little patience to scrape the advantage of it and following the contour the country you want to dial?

This can be carried over as a travel diary, and is ready to make notes on the trunk, which includes a blank map. Like the poster-sized version has all continents in gold, and the scratch with a coin on them, each nation shows up in a different color. Edition this is the "pocket" of the popular poster map. Like his brother, representing every continent in gold, and the scratch with a coin unfolds all countries or areas you've visited, displaying also the name of the very most important cities. Due to its content size, you can take up to entertain in the breaks. At the back, including a global map dumb blank, to enable you to use as much annotations or travel log's also area to put two images of you, one in "before "and another in the" after.- Size: 42 x 29.7 cm. Shipped in elegant cardboard tube.