How to Interact With Users on Pinterest

One is the loneliest number is especially true when it comes social network. Takes care of the problem you sign up automatically adding people who match your interest to list of people  following, but site becomes more enjoyable also connect with people actual now. Interaction with others limited; Pinterest is focused more on creating and sharing pins than on getting to know your fellow pinners.

Finding people

Friend using Facebook, Gmail or yahoo contacts. Click selects buy Pinterest followers the friend link from drop down menu beneath your name in the upper-right corner of homepages.

Finding Friends

When promoted to the service you want to authorize to access your contact; if you’re already signed in, you’re just promoted access to Pinterest. After access is granted, list of contacts not currently using Pinterest in the left, heading a list of contacts already using right under heading o Pinterest.

 Pulling Contacts from other Service

The search functions to locate people. Type a name the search box in the upper left corner of the page click people view a profile match your search.

Search People

Invite friend to Pinterest the find friends screen click to Email tab. Email address of friends you want invite, an optional message

Inviting Friend by Email

Invite friend from your contact list. Find the friend screen, select the service you want to use and click button that appears.

Following and Unfollowing

Click follow next to a contact name of the friend page after connecting to Gmail, Facebook, or yahoo to follow all boards created by that user.  You can also name of user visit her profile and individual boards if you prefer.

Following Friend on Pinterest

A user name to navigate to her profile page. There you  can click follow all to her boards, the link beneath the specific board you want to follow

Following Board on Pinterest

A person or board by clicking the button on her profile page beneath a specific board. Unfollow button appear grayed out, just part of the site’s design the button are available.

Unfollowing People boards on Pinterest