EOS Courses Guideline


Job: Sustained Melee Injury / Group Defender

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The Warrior in EOS is not any distinct than what you’d anticipate finding in an Mmo. THe warrior is really a learn at sustained injury and sustaining everyday living inside of a team-fight. The warrior has chosen to embrace the cause of the Gods with potent assaults and defensive attributes. His specializations incorporate the Berserker, which make his attacks fill with rage and inflict extra damage, or even the Protector that makes the Warrior a trustworthy tank and shields his allies during the heat of battle.



Part: Ranged Hurt / Help


The Archer is actually a former member of a nomadic tribe known for adrenaline and experience. The archer usually takes on her enemies with both equally a bow and new music. Of course, she will be performed for a huntress or maybe a bard. To be a huntress she is going to inflict continuous destruction with deadly rapidly attacks and extensive selection arrows, though being a bard she can sing tunes that both aid her allies or weaken their enemies.



Position: Burst Melee Damage / Melee Damage-over-Time


The Rogue in EOS is usually a fiercely skilled fighter who slashes enemies together with the quickness. Poisons and also other contaminants tip his blades which leaves everyone in his wake paralyzed and ready to be completed off by his allies. His specializations consist of the Duelist, which supplies his a mastery of explosives and critical attacks, though his Assassin specialization gives poisons to his weapons, which weakens the victims and inflicts damage as time passes.



Part: Spot of Outcome Destruction / Secondary Defender


The Guardian draws their strength through the strength and ferocity of mother nature. They strike their enemies with earth-based assaults like thunder and lightning. Guardians might also get well existence with their assaults which make them tough to defeat in addition to a important ally in any bash. Their Stormguard specialization infuses them with strong attacks and weakens the defenses, while their Earthguard specialization proved protection for his or her celebration and utilizes shock waves to destabilize her enemies.



Role: Burst Magic Problems / Crowd Manage


The Sorceress seems innocent, but she cannot be reliable. She's a learn of highly effective magic and leaves a wake of damage to everything that stands in her route. She can summon spells of fireplace or ice and inflict plenty of damage to her enemies. Her Firemage specialization offers her huge offensive power with magic, though her Frostmage specialization blesses her with icy attack techniques which hinders her enemies movements.