how to deal with the printer nozzle jam?


How to deal with the printer nozzle jam?
Print head nozzle clogging is the most common fault inkjet printers, mainly displays in the print out a draft of the surface with horizontal stripes, serious when some color don't print out, especially in the printing image file is more apparent.Nozzle blockage caused by many reasons, such as the quality of the printer ink, printer, working environment, printer spare time and so on.To avoid the nozzle clogging, best to use the printer manufacturers specify the type of ink, fast when replacement ink cartridges, as far as possible to shorten the time of the replacement cartridges.Don't let the noise of the printer to work in the dust of the larger environment, avoid printers remain idle for a long time, even if they don't use the printer to also want to open a printer every three to five days, because of long time do not use the printer, can make the residual ink dries in the nozzle clogging the print head, especially the ink is easier to dry in the summer.If so, are you the print head is blocked, you can according to the printer with the method described in the manual to cleaning the print head, because of the different printer manufacturer or model, the specific methods of cleaning the print head is also different.For example: EPSON MJ - 1500 - k can pass when suspension indicator, press the switch button and line breaks at the same time/form-feed key to clean the print head, black at the same time press the switch button and it into a paper/paper back key to color print head cleaning.There are also some printers can be cleaning the print head through software control, for example: EPSON STYLUS PHOTO 750 either through cleaning button on the printer control panel to clean the nozzle, can also use the driver bring to clean the print head cleaning tools.If after a few times after cleaning the print head or congestion, can temporarily shut down the printer first, the second day to clean the print head when the phone is switched on, if the print quality still no improvement, specification of printer ink cartridges has expired or has been damaged, can solve a problem by changing the cartridge.

The cleaning program with the printer Cleaning is generally a few days no plug can clear away but if long time don't have to Advice sent to repair Ask professional to clean

Try touching water with a paper towel or cloth

Spray dry Usually depends on how well the ink. Grease big head average is fine for 1 month.But if use alternative ink. 4 to 7 days would do it. If your printer is the imperial concubine level with original ink.If it is a general printer. Just use substitute ah...

How to also save after 10 ink printer

Start = = > printers and faxes select your printer = = = = > > and then enter the printing preferences = = > ''cleaning the print head'' that a feature = = > wash. My dad is a studio, so the print head often jams...

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