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9Logic Announces Release of Exciting Book “Mustle” Telling the Story of a hustler that is real Success on the Streets

Many would argue, for better or worse, life is a hustle. Logic, composer of the book“Mustle that is new” is sure to agree. The brand new release from 9Logic tells the tale of why Logic approaches life with an “ I have to hustle” attitude and exactly how it has carried him from success into the streets to success as a entrepreneur.

July 4, 2015

What's a nearly unquestioned course to success, in entrepreneur that is most's opinions? The power to hustle. Few folks have been able to illustrate that truth as dramatically as the genuine life story of Logic, a person who applied his hustle everywhere from the streets, to success in company with the exact same amount of extreme accomplishment. Recently, the business 9Logic announced the release of Logic's book “Mustle” detailing his exciting real-life adventures as he used his “I must hustle” philosophy to win a life of abundance.

“ I did so what many people only dream of,” commented Logic. “By establishing a stream of income within the underground economy attempting to sell bootleg sneakers; it was unreal! Along with it arrived run ins with police, robberies and even a legal fight with one of the apparel companies that are largest on the planet. I want this book to encourage readers to generate their own earnings and increase above all adversity to ensure success.”

According to 9Logic, the book reveals the interior secrets of just how he, in an effort to survive as a father that is single discovered how to purchase quality “bootleg” replica sneakers from China and sell them from the trunk of his car. Captured in this story isn't only an exciting road tale, but an eye opening series of business lessons which not only apply to the road hustle, but also the business world where Logic himself is making breakthroughs today. To state interest in a whole story such as this is high, is quite the understatement.

“Mustle” is available at in both Kindle and paperback editions.

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