1MI100H-025 Power Transistor Module - Fuji Electric IGBT

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1MI100H-025 is the Fuji Electric IGBT you need to eliminate the common problems your UPS frequently faces. This IGBT power transistor module may weigh around 5 lbs. However, it has the ability to produce 100A or 250V of energy.


1MI100H-025 comes from a small molded package that guarantees convenience upon usage. It has low power loss attribute and has a soft and low switching surge and noise to deliver high energy to the UPS.


1MI100H-025 has a powerful module construction to assure you of its high durability. Even when used to its full extent, this function is still possible after many years. This is a feature you can never experience on typical semiconductors.


Flexibility is also guaranteed as Fuji 1MI100H-025 can offer its advantages to other motor drives.