Social Video Formula Review-(GIANT) bonus & discount

SOCIAL VIDEO FORMULA - Facebook Video Ads are taking over! Check out these results!

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Quick question for you...
What if you could start a whole new business using the video creation software that you already have?
In my last email I mentioned it briefly at the end but I wanted to quickly expand upon that today as you know that MOST people are lazy and want things done for them.
Facebook video ads are taking over and Facebook is on a MISSION to knock YouTube off the #1 video ad spot and we all know that Facebook is more powerful than Google and they WILL start to dominate in this space.
This is your chance right now to have a jumpstart and start selling a brand new Video Marketing service where you create 30 second Facebook ads with your video editing software that you use to create your own videos!
You can use the power of Facebook and how it is dominating over YouTube as a selling factor then BAM you will have orders flying in. 
Providing you with another source of passive income!
The only thing that you need is the proven formula that will enable the videos you to create to actually convert traffic. If you start a business and you are not aware of the Facebook Video ad formulas that will enable your clients ads to convert than word of mouth is your video ads are pointless and you will lose customers.
This why you must check out Social Video Formula today where they show you exactly what you need to do to ensure that your 30 second ads dominate on FB and will send hordes of traffic to your client's or even your own offers!
You can even use what you learn in Social Video Formula to generate yourself your very own powerful Facebook ad that will generate business for your new 30 second Facebook video ad business. 
Plus here is even more good news!!!
FaceBook is giving away huge volume of traffic on both free and paid ads right now to compete with YouTube. This is your chance to get in build your list before prices go up as the market is saturated just like YouTube and your chance to gain clients before everyone has the same idea!
Over 1.2 Billion people login to their Facebook accounts on a DAILY basis! That is a huge market for traffic and Facebook is on a mission to dominate in the video world over YouTube  and right now in order to compete and steal YouTube advertisers they are giving away huge volumes of traffic on both free and paid ads!
This is your chance to jump in while the fire is hot!
As you will be able to see when you click on that link above the guys behind Social Video Formula have creating 30 second ads and how to make them go viral on FB with a proven formula that works for EVERYONE that tries it.