The Red Envelope - A Regular Chinese Gift

Greetings in Chinese culture are a significant bit diverse from western culture. China declared Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese seal carving, Chinese paper cutting, the Chinese art of woodblock printing, wood to a conventional Chinese art, Chinese traditional silk weaving skills, Longquan celadon tradition of firing techniques, Mazu vulgar, South Sound, Brocade weaving skills, the traditional rice paper making techniques, Dong, Cantonese, Hargeisa (Sri Lanka) Seoul, Regong art, Tibetan opera, Manas, flowers, Xi'an drum music, Chinese music and dance of Korean farmers, wheat along with other call 22 items selected " Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of mankind ", Qiang, the Li traditional textile dyeing embroidery skills to produce art of traditional Chinese wooden bridge and other three projects selected" need the protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage. I never believed that I could approach to this before until I took a journey in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province of China. The Chinese culture has affected America in many different ways, inside the past, plus they are even affecting us right now. In addition, Matthew B.

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