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 E-Course & Ebook

Sell your ebooks or hardbound books online with style.

Ecommerce – Gadget

One of the best designed Zap Deals pages for marketing your gadgets and other tech products to your clients.

Restaurant Deals

Entice your customer’s appetite by showcasing great deals and finds.

Equiped with slider section for browsing sumptuous food and other essential deal page sections.

Ecommerce – Mobile

This technology-oriented Zap Deals page designs is the right choice for marketing your products and showing awesome features of your mobile or tablet deals.

Hotel Deals

Showcase luxury, savings and style in this hotel deal page. Perfect for enticing prospected customers to avail discounted accommodations in your hotel or inn.

Beauty Center Deals

Beauty salons and spas are in demand business in the market today. That’s why you need this deal page for your salon and spa discounts.

Weight Loss Deals

Sell your weight loss tips, vitamins, capsules or secrets to thousands of clients online wanting to have that slim body.

This is a perfect template to do that.

Window cleaning deals

With high-rise buildings found in almost every major cities in the world window cleaning has become a very in demand service. This template will help you reach out to clients.

Ecommerce – Apparel

From clothes, shoes, bags, accessories this deal page design can help you showcase these products and get huge conversions in return.

Dental Care

With growing numbers of health conscious individuals almost every service are sought after by thousands of clients. Showcase medical special deals using this templat