Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Preview

The next game in the preferred Call of Obligation collection is readied to be released on 13th Nov 2012 as well as Black Ops II is being eagerly waited for by followers. Keep reading for information about the new projects, multiplayer modes and also special attributes.

Release Plans

Treyarch are offering Solidified as well as Care Package versions of the video game. These collectors editions include the Black Ops II video game, a Steelbook(TM) case, obstacle coins, incentive maps, tool camo, player card backgrounds, avatar props for Xbox 360, costs styles for PS3 and also the main soundtrack. The Treatment Package edition includes a remote-controlled MQ-27 Dragonfire Drone, a quadrotor helicopter.


Among the facets of the campaign is Strike Pressure. Levels in Strike Make are shaped by the end result of the goal. Whether the gamer does well or fails in their goal, the video game proceeds as well as results in story modifications. One of the campaign goals is to clear an area to ensure that your group can disable a rocket defense cover. The gamer will have the ability to finish their missions in various ways consisting of playing in overwatch, setting waypoints, offering commands and taking control of soldiers and drones.

Multiplayer Game Modes

Typical modes such as Search as well as Destory, Supremacy and also Group Deathmatch are all usable in the video game. Hardpoint is a new method that will be presented in Black Ops II. In this video game, a location of the map needs to be caught and also held. Players only rack up points if they are in the captured area. The objective area will certainly move throughout the game.

Black Ops II features multi-team game modes, a new choice for the Black Ops series. A number of teams will certainly be able to contend against each other in these video games rather than the initial 2 team competitors. Multi-TDM was demonstrated at Gamescom however Treyarch has actually announced that several multi-team modes will certainly be available on the full video game.

Defense and also Gadgets

Players do not in fact should decide on a primary weapon for their course, which is new for this collection. The blade, C4, as well as hatchet are a few of the weapon alternatives in Black Ops II along with a variety of handguns and also launchers. Gamers have been asking designers if the dive to susceptible attribute will certainly return and Treyarch has actually validated that it is consisted of in the style.

Shock costs are able to be thrown near foes to electrocute and stun, knocking them down for an easier kill. A scanner could be connected to your weapon of choice and permits you to see via wall surfaces and also smoke. An optic lens could be affixed to your tool which then highlights opponents in your game by placing a red diamond on them. Quatrotor drones are armed and can create a lot of damage when made use of by an experienced gamer.

Nuketown 2025

Nuketown 2025 is a bonus Buy A Drone offer multiplayer map offered with pre-orders of the video game. Nuketown was a preferred map of lots of players in the original Black Ops and also Treyarch has upgraded the map for Black Ops II. Users that have actually pre-ordered the game will be able to download Nuketown 2025 after release of the game on Nov 13.


eSports is a new addition to the Call of Responsibility collection in Black Ops II. eSports nurtures the competitive side of players by designating skill levels based upon wins as well as losses. Players will certainly increase their ability degree as they win suits then be placed in video games against various other users of a comparable ability level.

CODcasting as well as Live Streaming

Players will certainly have the ability to observe on live and also documented game play as part of CODcasting. This system builds on the previous capability to videotape gameplay in the original version. Treyarch based CODcasting on the excitement of affordable gaming. It permits gamers to include map view, picture-in-picture, the rating panel and listen-in attributes to their videotaped video game play.

There are very few details launched yet about Live Streaming. This attribute will certainly enable individuals to stream their gameplay from inside the game. Treyarch is continuouslying create Live Streaming and also will certainly be announcing even more information for this function better to the launch day of the video game.