How do I compare steam vacuum cleaning consumer reports?

Consider FeaturesDetermine what features are desirable in a steam cleaning vacuum. For instance, price is a big factor for some, while people who have small children or pets need a heavy-duty machine. Log onto the Consumer Reports website, or any other similar site that compares products. When considering the accuracy of a consumer reports website, look at whether the product reviews are by customers or are paid advertisements. Also ensure the website is not affiliated with any specific company or product.

Make a ListScroll through the different steam cleaning vacuums features. At the same time, make a list of the vacuums that contain the features desired.

Check User ReviewsRead user reviews of all the vacuums on your list. This is often one of the most telling parts of vacuum comparison as the reviews are generally from regular consumers who have nothing to gain or lose by lying in a review. Choose the steam cleaning vacuum with the features and price desired that has the most positive customer reviews. Also take note if the vacuum chosen has any recalls or special safety warnings.

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