Do You Need RV Insurance or Will Auto Insurance Work?

If you own or plan to buy an RV to enjoy traveling and vacationing with your family this summer, you will need to purchase RV insurance. It is not the same as auto insurance in Salt Lake City and will require a different policy. However, multiple types of insurance exist and you must know what kind you need when you are trying to get a quote. 

Insurance for RVs has three options: Class A, Class B and Class C. The kind you need depends on the size of the RV and whether it includes a cab or is pulled along. 

•    Class A – This class covers long RVs up to 75 feet and includes motor coaches among other styles. 
•    Class B – This class includes the smallest group, such as van-type campers and trailers. 
•    Class C – Fifth wheel vehicles are included in this class along with campers that extend over the cab portion.

What It Covers

One way that RV insurance is similar to auto insurance is that it covers liability, collision and comprehensive claims if you purchase them in your policy. You may purchase additional coverage to pay for damage or loss of personal belongings and any attached equipment and accessories. 

You may choose total loss coverage, emergency expenses, towing and roadside assistance, uninsured and underinsured motorists just like with automobile insurance. In addition, you can purchase coverage for the campsite or vacation and full-time coverage if you live in your RV.

How Rates are Determined

Insurance rates are determined similarly to your auto insurance in Salt Lake City. Your driving history will be a factor along with any past claims. Your deductible and any additional riders or special coverage you include will also impact the rates. The class of the RV will change the rates as well as whether you are using it only for vacationing or living in it full time. 

You will need to purchase liability insurance just like when you buy car insurance. If you are financing your RV, your lender will probably require comprehensive and collision insurance as well. If you are in an accident where you are at fault, you will have to pay the expenses over your insurance policy. This is why it is important to ensure that you maintain enough coverage. 

If you make your RV your home, you may need additional insurance that is similar to homeowner's insurance. When deciding on the insurance for your RV, consider the requirements in Utah as well as where you will be traveling and if you have any custom features to be insured. 

Talk to your auto insurance agent in Salt Lake City to find out your options for RV insurance. Your agent will ask questions to help determine how much and what type of coverage you need for your RV. Because the insurance provider already knows you with your auto insurance, he or she can provide a good estimate on what RV insurance will cost and help you make the right decisions. With the best coverage, you can enjoy your vacation with no worries. 

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