Fun with the Short Bridesmaid Dresses

Does your hair have more than a little gray? If so you might be appalled when you take out your wedding album and catch site of what you dressed your bridesmaids in. You know, short bridesmaid dresses do not have to be overdone, over themed, and garish? These days, brides are treating their bridesmaids to dresses that are stylish, fashionable, and fabulous enough to be worn again in the future.

I guess the first issue has to do with the dress length. While some brides still prefer that is no longer your only option. Today many bridesmaid dresses are cocktail or knee length. But please - no mini dresses - most gals don't look good in them. Another element that has changed is color. You feel free to choose any color that looks looks attractive on your bridesmaids and supports your wedding theme. You know, even black is just fine for an evening, fall or winter wedding.

In addition to the length of the dress, consider its cut. Good choices include, strapless or a low back style. Think classic cuts on a more modern length and you cannot go wrong.

Next consider what fabric you want. Typically fabrics for today's bridesmaid dresses in short length typically are drape well. Popular choices include chiffon, silk, and polyester blends. You may even use classics like a super light wool or linen.

Of course, most gals like to adorn a fine dress with the right jewelry. To ensure you select something your bridesmaids will like, you will need to choose wisely. When you browse for bridesmaid jewelry accessories, your keep in mind what works with the dress and fits with the woman wearing it. You do not need each bridesmaid wearing the same jewelry but it should have a consistent theme. jewelry items you give to each bridesmaid should be pieces that they will enjoy, such as long crystal earrings and pendants. For the perfect finishing touches, think about fashionable wedges, beaded or fabric clutches, and a short jacket for cooler weather.

The short length bridesmaid dresses that you choose should compliment your wedding theme. Less formal dresses are ideal for weddings held outdoors or beach weddings. They would not look good in large traditional church weddings. Keep in mind that the dresses you choose should also suit your bridesmaids - all of them. If your friends are younger in age you can choose just about any style and it will look good. On the other hand, if your attendants are more mature in age, they might end up looking and feeling ridiculous in a choice that is a bit too far out there.

In the end, the matron of honor dresses that you select are a reflection of you. If you gravitate towards what is contemporary, then your bridesmaid dresses follow suit. The ideal short bridesmaid gowns will be an important component of your wedding info and important for you and your bridesmaids.