The process of shell mould casting

Shell mold casting was invented by the German J. Cronin in 1943, the first application in 1944 in Germany, the other countries began to use after 1947. A meet heat cured sand coverage in the heating to 180 to 280 DEG C metal template, the hardening for thin shell (shell thickness is generally 6 to 12 mm), and heating solidified shell, to achieve sufficient strength and stiffness.It will be down two pieces of shell with fixture clamping or with resin cement, mould can be formed without sand box.Casting metal templates in the heating temperature of 300 DEG C, the use of sand for resin bonded sand, namely with phenolic resin as a binder resin sand. Also the available method of the core made of shell core, manufacture of shell mold used tilting bucket. Manufacture of shell core blowing method commonly used.

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