Generally AMD composed of many chemicals which are

Generally, AMD composed of many chemicals which are toxic; these may be removed from AMD adsorbed on the surface of the MNPs or in some cases incorporated into preformed MNPs. The presence of toxic trace impurities that NHS Biotin are being adsorbed on the surface of produced MNPs can be reduced or removed through proper cleaning with both deionized water and organic solvents several times until none of the chemicals leached out. Any other volatile toxicants also can be removed during heating for drying purpose. However, immovable joint is inevitable to eliminate completely; therefore, before fully commercialization of synthesized MNPs produced from AMD, proper attention should be given to their stability, purity, and area of application. After the qualities of these MNPs synthesized from AMD are carefully considered; they can be used as additives to ceramics and paints, for manufacturing electronic materials and wastewater treatment directly or after modification, which means forming their corresponding composites.