Helpful Ideas Regarding Traditional Funeral Services

Funeral planning is difficult, whether you are planning for a loved one's funeral or pre-planning for yourself or your spouse. If you're in need of funeral services, you can locate a caring funeral home close to Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

It is important to understand that there are basically 2 funeral service types, Traditional funerals and Cremation.

Traditional Services
Traditional funerals are generally the most popular, but cremating the remains has risen in popularity recently. Typical services involve a formal viewing sometimes called a wake that allows loved ones to "view" the person and pay their respects to the person they love.

The wake service generally is followed by a solemn ceremony at the funeral home or in a house of worship. Many funeral services can also be held outside as well. The funeral might involve the reading of prayers or family and friends expressing their memories about the deceased. The service may also include music, dedications or special mementos.

Traditional services also include a hearse to move the remains, embalming procedures and preparing the body for the viewing prior to burial. Planning a traditional funeral may also entail floral arrangements, musical choices or cherished items to be added to or near the burial site.

Cremating Services
Contrary to widely held belief, the option for cremating services does not mean you cannot have a funeral service. Most funeral facilities that provide interment near Lancaster county can provide a traditional service such as a wake before the cremation procedure.

The main distinction is in the way the remains are handled. When cremation is selected, the body is cremated and the ashes are frequently returned to a family member contained within an urn. With a traditional funeral, a burial box, burial plot and many related services are required. A headstone is also typically added to the burial site.

No matter what type of service you decide on, be sure to look for a dedicated funeral facility for advice on which options are best for your family.