Avoid toys unsafe factors

Each toy will bring a special feeling for children by giving them pleasure, and even enhance their wisdom. Now parents would buy various toys from toys manufacturer in China for their kids. But if there are problems with children's toys, so bring children probably also hurt.


For example, the problem of the rope is a big trouble. In general, drag toys, there will be a rope. If the rope is too long, the baby in play during wound to the neck may cause harm. The provisions of the new toy safety standards, 18 months of age toy rope length must be less than 22 cm. If you buy car toys with rope from remote control toys supplier, you should take care of this problem too. But also stressed: rope, elastic cord or rope end segment of beads or other attachments may be connected to any part of the toy and wound to form a lopper or fixing ring, for adults with sufficient force to pull, the lopper or fixed circumference of the loop is less than 36 cm, it can avoid the baby will ring or lopper into the neck of the danger.


Even toys would give us pleasure for our babies, now we still need to focus on the problem when we buy them from China novelty toys wholesale online which is the point for parents.