These bad habits make it easy for you to get cancer

These bad habits make it easy for you to get cancer

The human body has 60 trillion -100 trillion cells, and we are the king of this "cell Republic.", Learn to care for them, to give them water to drink, to give them the proper nutrition, so that they can rest, to reduce the risk of their transformation into cancer cells.

Some experts pointed out that if the following five kinds of bad habits can be removed from the list of candidates for cancer.

First: sit down and do not want to move. Air max

A ride to work on the day, go home stuck in the sofa not want to move. Don't assume that a sedentary hazard is just an injury to the cervical spine and spinal cord. German experts pointed out that the number of cell of human body immunity increased with the increase of activity and reduce sedentary human immune cells, greatly increasing the risk of cancer. Japanese medical experts found that most of the patients with gastric cancer usually eat too much to eat too much.

Studies in the United States show that people who have a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to develop colon cancer at 40% - 50%, air max schweiz compared with men who are also prone to prostate cancer.

Experts pointed out that the work every 2 hours, must get up for more than 15 minutes.

Second: eat less Vegetable & Fruit

Eat enough food, eat fewer vegetables and fruits, has become a common problem of modern people. Do not underestimate the dangers of this life. First, by the patience eat can cause obesity, recent studies have shown that obesity and breast cancer, prostate cancer and other cancers. Second, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of dietary fiber, which can promote intestinal peristalsis, taking harmful substances. Do not eat vegetables and fruits, air max 90 will increase the risk of colon cancer. Third, resulting in a lack of vitamins.

Studies have shown that people who do not eat carrots than a large number of people eating carrots, lung cancer incidence is 7 times higher; Lack of vitamin A, lung cancer, gastric cancer, the possibility of a great; Lack of folic acid and vitamin B2, is an important reason for the high incidence of esophageal cancer.

Experts pointed out that to ensure that the body needs to eat more than 400 grams of vegetables every day, eat meat,toms schuhe not more than 75 grams, equivalent to the size of a deck of playing cards. Homely fare is the best way to avoid cancer.

Third: always hold the stool

Want to go to the stool, but it is too busy to go to work, or can not find the bathroom, only hard to hold back. One back two back okay, long time, will be a problem.

Waste containing hydrogen sulfide, skatole, metabolites of cholesterol and other various carcinogens, were accumulated for a long time in the intestines, will be repeated absorption, stimulate the intestinal mucosa. According to the observation, no time to defecation has become a lot of young people suffering from colorectal cancer is the main reason.

Experts suggest that we must seize the day in the "will be" the most concentrated moment, one is in the morning wake up soon after a meal. Will generally only last a few minutes, once you miss it is difficult to catch. In the morning there is no time to bowel movements, can be adjusted to a more idle night.

Take a walk after dinner, the abdomen clockwise massage, and then whether there is no intention, the time to squat toilet. Usually 3-5 minutes without stool, it should give up, do not stay in the toilet for a long time reading newspapers.

Fourth: not sleep at night

A lot of people have to stay up late because of work; There are people of fashion, the pub every day, a day night "party animal".British science and cancer research center has studied over 30 years, 1000 - 50 year old cancer patients, found that 99.3% of people all year round up all night, after the morning will rest.

Fifth: always drink hot water