Current situation of Feed Grade Phosphates

Feed Grade Phosphates in mainland China than abroad started late, starting from the mid-20th century use of calcium and phosphorus in inorganic phosphate for animal feed supplements. But slow development is mainly for feed-grade calcium hydrogen phosphate. After 1985, with the deepening of reform and opening up, and constantly improve people's living standards and the development of the feed industry, which was mainly for animal supplement of calcium and phosphorus and bone meal has been unable to meet the requirements of feed growth, research and production of phosphorus mineral feed began to perk up, Feed Grade Phosphates products are in short supply. From 1991-1996, the development of Feed Grade Phosphates enterprises mushroomed, have been completed and put into operation more than more than 60 by 1996 production capacity of 530,000 tons of calcium hydrogen phosphate, high quality products in short supply. Over the next 3 years, phosphate production over more than 70 enterprises have been put into operation, by the end of 1999, national production enterprises reached 145 DCP, domestic production capacity reached 1.73 million tons, far more than the actual demand in the market at the time, many enterprises operating rate was very low. Nevertheless, the local area has continued establishment and expansion of enterprises. After more than 10 years of fierce market competition, reintegrate, out of some phosphate production companies, and resource distribution, Feed Grade Phosphates manufacturing enterprises to develop in the direction of large-scale, regional, national Feed Grade Phosphates to now produces more than 70 companies, total annual production capacity of 3.6 million tons. Product variety from a single variety of calcium hydrogen phosphate to the current calcium, calcium, calcium, three series, and developed a potassium, sodium, calcium, ammonium, and other fine feed phosphates, fully meet the needs of calcium and phosphorus in feed industry, further promoting feed industry to mature.

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