Keep Your Site Ranked - Avoid These Rank Killing Panda Blunders

Panda mistakes may relate to many problems with websites, however they are not new to online marketing. The media has been on Google for penalizing websites for things they have let slide for over a decade. Any website or business can make their online presence the way they choose to. To get higher rankings, Google is aware that people practice SEO to get more traffic from search engines. Google does not actually approve of SEO. In fact, they frown upon it. In this article, we will discuss several Panda mistakes that you need to avoid regardless of their opinion.
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Google wants to see authority sites. These sites are the ones that audiences find most useful. But Google's take on what an authority site is and isn't is something that isn't always black and white. An authority site is focused on a subject or niche and does not deviate from that. Of course a niche can have many sub-topics and that is fine just as long as they fall under the same niche or market. With this in mind, it's always important to keep your site on topic and on target. If your site isn't on topic then it will never climb the heap to the top of the search engine rankings.

Google will not reward you for your bad judgment in purchasing backlinks for SEO purposes. People that do this are being caught by the Panda update and are suffering greatly. The Internet is full of high PR backlinks that you can purchase to drive traffic back your website. People that do this are risking their ranking, as well as many other things by purchasing links like this. Consider that any site has to make their services known so they can sell backlinks. These types of websites are often easy for Google to find. Be careful! Any links that you buy the goods your website can be traced back to its original source.

You can find businesses in certain situations in which they have content that is very close to being on site duplicate content. If it is perceived by Panda that you have this type of content, it can really hurt your rankings. If you want to rank locally, some of your content might seem to be duplicate. This could really hurt your off-line business rankings on the Internet. What happens is they will only change a few words between the two pages and their URLs. Uncountable websites have done this over the years. You can find lots of this online just by doing a quick search. As long as you are able to take one page, and alter the content so it is extremely unique, you will fix this dilemma. When it comes to the latest update, this will help you avoid any penalties. The Panda update was done for legitimate reasons, yet there are more mistakes people can make along the way. It is possible that this update could have been good or bad for you. Your online business, and the websites that you were building, may play a role in whether or not this update was in your best interest.