PM75RSK060 Mitsubishi Intelligent Power Module

Get your own Mitsubishi PM75RSK060 at and witness as your home’s power source put to the next level.


PM75RSK060 is the intelligent power module you need to enhance the performance of your solar panels at home. It weighs only 0.33 lbs and can give your solar panels 75A or 600V of power.


PM75RSK060 is a Mitsubishi power module with a complete set of output power circuit to ensure aoutstanding performance. Its functions are further enhanced with the module’s modified gate drive circuit.


Designed mainly for high power switching applications like solar panels, PM75RSK060 can operate even at a frequency of 20 kHz. Rest assured that its IGBT and free wheel diode devices are well-protected by the built-in control circuits.


Finally, Mitsubishi IPM (Mitsubishi intelligent power module) PM75RSK060 is equipped with a strong protection system against various electric problems like overheating, under voltage, short circuiting and over current.