No Dumb Questions?

The Internet can keep us amused for a lifetime. Among all the top 10 lists, News and Stories, and trending news matters, there is significantly to make all of us laugh. Here’s a simple peek at some of the dumbest questions asked on Yahoo.

“I have consumed a whole ice cube. I have not yet pooped it out? I’m feeling scared… could it be stuck somewhere?”

Really? Is that this even a question? Apparently an individual did not pay attention in research class. He doesn’t need to be concerned with their digestive tract, but they might want to get their mind checked. Which leads to the next question.

“Can My partner and i safely think about picture with the sun? I understand it’s bad to look at the sun, but what if I required a picture of it with my phone? Wouldn't it still damage my eyes?”

While investing a long amount of time staring at the sunshine will do long term damage, you will find there's pain reply that causes all of us to look obviously away. One would need to ignore this pain for some time prior to damaging their vision. However for a picture to damage your eyes is actually ludicrous. This might easily be number 1 on a top 10 checklist.

“Is the craving for food games using a true tale? I was observing hunger games. Is it accurate? Like achieved it happen to Nazis following WWII?”
Gullibility is undoubtedly trending news. Why one would think that anything as terrible as this happens is past me. Once more 6 million Judaism people were massacred in the death camp so maybe this isn’t so silly of a query.

“Are there any kind of autographs regarding Jesus Christ? I know there are autographs of Girl Ruth of John Lennon and George Washington. Are any autographs associated with Jesus Christ which are either about ebay or perhaps in people’s houses?”

If there were, it would definitely be a headline regarding News and Stories. Jesus had been crucified for…well, Christ… sake. Individuals decide that any murderer ought to be released and not really a man which performed several miracles. Christ was a resented man in his time, and his followers have been hunted also, I doubt many people have been running to get and show off their autograph.

“How am I sure I’m the real mother of my own kid?”
Certain he may not necessarily look like a person; maybe this individual looks like his dad but is this a legitimate question. I do believe someone should be able to realize whether or not a child is theirs, particularly after you birthed these. There should be a lot more worry for your kid than the asker of this query.

This list may go on, and sadly it does. If you enjoyed this tiny snippet, lookup top 10 lists, trending news, or News and Stories. You’ll be amazed at what's out there.

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