Top 10 Dumbest Questions

If you are intrigued by top 10 lists or even trending news topics, here is some info you’ll love. I was going through Yahoo Questions and was shocked by some of the inquiries, several real News and Stories as to just how ignorant some people can be. There are plenty of top 10 lists which can be trending now. Here's my rendition of one.

1. “60 Seconds and 1 minute aren’t really the same?”
This person goes uses a microwave oven to explain their question. They were sincerely convinced that 1 minute in addition one minute is 2 minutes, but 60 seconds plus 60 seconds was 1 minute and 20 seconds. This could lunchtime News and Stories into exactly how our schooling system is faltering the children's of today. Maybe that’s microwave’s fault.
2. “Why does my cat vibrate.”
The question here may not be because dumb as it first looks. I can perfect solution it along with another issue: Why do an individual vibrate any time it’s cold outside?
3. “Can you actually lose weight simply by rubbing the stomach?”
My partner and i can’t answer this particular with a right face. If a person could shed weight this way it might be trending news, and we’d all be thin.
4. “What takes place if you paint your teeth whitened with toe nail polish?”
Give it a try, and let me know. I am curious really to know the solution to this. If bad things happened, you’d definitely be a head line for News and Stories.
5. “I don’t know if my daughter is actually mine.”
Not really such a poor question if asked by way of a father, regrettably it is a mommy asking.
6. “Do you think people will ever walk on the sunshine?”
With the method technologies are evolving, this is a minor possibility. Just what propels this to the foolish side is that the asker truly feels that the sunlight is only just like 30 degrees in the winter. After that how does Phoenix, Arizona possess 50-60-degree weather during the day in the dead of wintertime?
7. “Why perform crocodiles walk therefore gayly?”
8. “Is presently there a test to ascertain if my turtle is actually gay.”
I know that the gay topic is but one that is trending now, but I don’t think you need to worry about the animal. Is there a test to tell in the event that these askers are usually homophobic?
9. “How big is the specific ocean?”
Sorry, but you’re going to need to be more Pacific.
10. “Are skeletons real or composed?
Nope, they're not real. This is a huge conspiracy going back in terms of the existence of people. But wait, are usually bones genuine?

Some of these queries make us all laugh, however the real News and Stories here's that these are really the questions. Quite frankly it frightens me that individuals would have to request these. You need to never have to include top 10 lists on these types of topics. The sad factor is that topics like Caitlyn Jenner are usually trending news, but no one seems concerned about the next generation.

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