Grasp Sorcerer Manual - amounts 8 to 200, at no cost and high quality accounts, fast and brief leveling guideline!

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Levels 8-20

Scale Armor, Brass Legs, Dark or Steel Helmet, Dwarven defend Receive a plate set and serpent sword/orcish axe would do properly to begin with.

Prem: Darashia Rotworms, Liberty Bay Rotworms, Ankrahmun Larvas, Ankrahmun Tombs, Edron Trolls, Port Hope Trolls. North of Darashia's metropolis around the Dim Pyramid by which Minotaurs live. You may have the very first, next and 3rd flooring listed here, Only minotaurs, building lootbags for funds and fishing for health. (Usually do not go down mainly because you then will encounter Minotaur Guards.)

Facc: Thais north rotworms, venore trolls, kazordoon dwarfs.



Levels 20-35

Purchase a hearth sword plus your promotion, it'll give that small bit more regeneration which happens to be constantly awesome.

Prem: Port Hope North Jungle, Port Hope Crocodiles (Endeavor), Port Hope Tarantulas (Process), Port Hope Dworcs.

Facc: Cyclops, Venore Elfs in Shadowthorne, Kazordoon Dwarf Troopers, Mount Sternum Ghouls, Beholders, Amazon Camp

Degrees 35-50

Prem: Port Hope Crocodiles (Activity), Port Hope Tarantulas (Activity), Port Hope Dworcs, Ankrahmun Tombs, Ankrahmun Scarabs, Cyclopolis, Edron Earth Elementals

Facc: Elf Arcanist, Minotaurs in Kazordoon or Mintwallin



Stages 50-80

helmet from the deep, glacier gown and glacier kilt.

Prem: Ankrahmun Ancient Scarabs, Yalahar Mutated Rats (Process), Vandura Nightstalkers (encouraged minimum degree of 65 for -1), Yalahar Necromancers (Endeavor), Yalahar Dragons, Port Hope Water Elementals, Darashia Dragons

Facc: Orc Fort, POH

Stages 80-100

If you are arranging on likely dragon lords then suggest obtaining magma robe and magma legs. Also if there is the opportunity of likely over a Pits Of Inferno

Pacc: Vandura Nightstalkers, Svargrond Crystal Spiders, Yalahar Necromancers & Heroes (Undertaking), Yalahar Dragons, Port Hope Water Elementals, Darashia Dragons, Darashia Dragon Lords, Muggy Plains

Facc: Black Knight Vial, Giant Spiders, Deeper Fibula, Banshees



Concentrations 100-140

Yalahar Necromancers & Heroes(Task), Yalahar Hellspawns (Surface), Port Hope Water Elementals, Darashia Dragons, Darashia Dragon Lords, Vandura Nightstalkers, Vandura Wyrms, Zao Souleaters


Wrath from the Emperor and Inquisition.

Svargrond Frost Dragons, PoI Dragon Lords, Fenrock Dragon Lords, Zao Souleaters



Amounts 170-200



Yalahar Nightmares Darashia Dragon Lords PoI Dragon Lords Svargrond Frost Dragons Razachai Hellfire Fighters Zao Souleaters