Fuji 6DI75A-050 Darlington Power Transistor Module

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The wonder device is now within the grasp of your hands; introducing the 6DI75A-050 Darlington power transistor module. With the power of two transistors, signal amplification has never been this convenient!


Manufactured by Fuji Electric, you can be sure of the top-quality design of the 6DI75A-050. With its insulated type of design, the 6DI75A-050 is long-lasting and will continue to deliver high performance for years! Its freewheeling diode makes the Fuji 6DI75A-050 more flexible in switching currents. No more worries about flybacks during induction loading!


Its impressively high DC gain would make you fall off your chairs. It can amplify the weakest signals around. This Fuji power transistor module 6DI75A-050 can be used for air conditioning, AC motors, and many more!