The Wedding Dessert Challenge : Finding the Taste That Stands Out

Even the 3d cakes has to offer will not be able to tell their customer what the perfect wedding cake will be for their big day. Deciding what design is wanted is often the easy part for brides, but the flavors can be a little more challenging. There are amazing options available today, so every bride should consider breaking out of their comfort zone and finding a cake that will be a little more unique.

The design of a cake can be beautiful, but once it is cut and served the guests will quickly forget what it looked like. The flavor has to incredible in order for it to be truly special and memorable. When ordering wedding cakes Burlington customers will be asked what they want for the cake flavor, whether they prefer fondant or frosting (or both) and if any fillings are wanted. Each of these decisions should be carefully considered, both individually as well as how they will work together.

The most popular cake and filling flavors in recent years have been white chocolate with raspberry filling, coconut and lime and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. Traditional favorites like chocolate and vanilla are still popular, as is red velvet. Even these simple cakes can be made a little more notable when paired with popular flavors like mint, cherry or strawberry. Some couples are even choosing to make each tier of their cake a different flavor to provide their guests with plenty of options.

Finally, remember food allergies. Unfortunately every event where food is served has to consider those who may be sensitive to certain products. Nut allergies and people on gluten-free diets are the most common concerns. If only one or two guests are allergy sufferers, it is possible to order a small additional gluten-free or nut-free cake or offer allergy-safe cupcake flavors instead. Bakeries like Kelly SXO are happy to help with these special concerns.

Everything should be a little more luxurious on a wedding day. Extra time is spent creating hairstyles and putting on makeup. Months are invested in finding the perfect dress. Music, decorations and caterers are all carefully chosen. The is why only the best bakery Burlington residents boast about is good enough to create this special cake. By spending extra time researching possibilities, tasting samples and looking through what others are currently doing, it will be easy to come up with an unforgettable creation that everyone will love.