Four Choices Before Having a Rhinoplasty Procedure

Countless people only think about their current nose and its disappointing appearance before deciding to complete a rhinoplasty procedure. Many fail to think about the amount of time it will actually take for results to kick in, as well as symptoms felt after the surgery is over. A newport beach rhinoplasty surgeon should be consulted before the decision to have rhinoplasty is made.There are several things to discuss and consider before the procedure should be scheduled.

Desired Appearance

Before surgery is ever scheduled, each person needs to consider the desired appearance they are hoping for. A eyelid surgery surgeon typically offers a selection of pictures to look at. During a consultation, they may show these photographs to let the person see which selection of noses are available. Various sizes and styles are offered.

Length of Recovery Time

The recovery time after the procedure is a major consideration to think about. Most nose jobs will leave people out of work for at least a week, if not longer. This means those hoping to have the surgery need to schedule it around a time that works for them to take vacation. During this time, exercise also needs to be avoided, and social interactions should be limited.

Wait Time for Results

Many people expect to see results as soon as the procedure is completed. This is far from the case. After several weeks of pain, swelling, and bruising, minimal results will be shown. It will take several months or longer before all swelling is completely gone, and the final result is shown.

Expected Symptoms

For a few days or more after the rhinoplasty surgery is completed, there are several symptoms that people usually experience. When these symptoms occur, patients need to be aware that they are normal and nothing to worry about. First, there will be a great deal of swelling and bruising. It will not only be around the nose, but also near the eyes. This swelling will typically make people feel congested. There will also be some bleeding from the nostrils. Blowing the nose should be avoided, however, as this can cause damage to the incision and prolong the recovery time.

No one should take the decision of having rhinoplasty surgery lightly. It is not only a matter of wanting to have the procedure done, but also a consideration of how long the recovery time will take and the willingness to wait for results to show. Those interested in having their noses altered even after considering these four things can visit aaronkosinsmd. to learn more about the procedure.