Help Design Your Dream Residence

Buying a new home doesn't necessarily mean moving into one of those neighborhoods where all the homes look alike with cookie-cutter designs. A new home can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build a customized place to raise children, entertain family and friends, and escape from the world. It's a chance to finally have a place with a big enough yard for children, pets, and cookouts, more than enough closet space, a kitchen that suits the workflow, and a living room that is a unique statement of style and south carolina beaches personality. It all begins with selecting a quality homebuilder that can provide personalized service that allows for customization of designs and floorplans, from the material used for countertops to the flooring in the master bedroom.

One smart way to save money while designing a dream home is to start with floorplans that already exist and tailor them to meet specific needs and requirements. It may be simple customizations like extra electrical outlets or cable television hookups, or they may encompass changing the layout of a bathroom or kitchen to better fit with the owner's visions of a perfect home. The flooring, plumbing, cabinetry, appliances, counter tops, and even the fireplace mantels can all be redesigned to accommodate the requirements of the new owners and better reflect their lifestyle. In addition to the details like what the backsplash in the kitchen will be made of, homeowners can also select the neighborhood where they want their new home located.

The entire homebuilding process begins with a discussion with a design specialist where basic ideas are shared and the most appropriate floorplans are presented for customizations. Options may include anything from the brand of appliances installed in the home, to the type of showerhead that should go in the guest bathroom. Experienced Design Center experts can guide the homeowner through the process, sharing their wisdom and making suggestions when appropriate.

Customizing existing floorplans is just one way to save money when looking for a home that can be tailored to fit specific needs. A reputable builder like Bill Beazley Homes often has homes under construction which can offer a degree of customization and which will be ready for move-in sooner than a home that has yet to be built. A buyer can enjoy the same high quality construction, but with alterations that put their own unique stamp on the project. As one of the premier home builders in South Carolina for the last 40 years, Beazley Homes can offer a wide range of floorplans in a variety of neighborhoods. Family owned and operated, they are consistently regarded as among the best home builders in Augusta GA. To read more about what these Georgia home builders can offer, simply visit them at