Get Rid Of outdoor Troubles Straight Away

I work for an outdoor company and we offer all types of outdoor backpacks.. We offer them from all the major brands and I own tons of outdoor daypacks.. I hike all the time, usually every week and always carry a pack with me!! With that being said, I am here to tell you that this bag is amazing!! Everything from design, to quality is top notch!!

1.) Features - This pack offers all the features of the name brands!! Whistle on the clips, waterproof zippers, all the same adjustments, air vents for your back.. You name it, this pack offers it!! It has all the same features as my $160 name brand pack from another company!
2.) Quality - Quality is top notch.. All the sewing is great.. All the straps are high quality.. The pack is made of a ripstop material.. Hard plastic durable clips.. Overall this pack is constructed very well!! You would never know this is a no name pack from amazon by looking at it!!
3.) Value - This pack is a great value!! I have a pack that is just like this and it cost me around $160 from a name brand company.. Quality is almost the same.. Features are the same!! Size is the same!! Everything!!! This price of this pack is amazing
4.) Comfort - I took this pack on a day hike today (Along with a bladder from outdoormaster) and it was comfortable all day long!! My back never got hot.. The bag overall felt well designed.. Very well balanced.. Everything about the bag was comfortable

Overall: This is an amazing bag.. It has plenty of room.. It is a great value and very well made.. I would recommend this to anyone needing a daypack!! It should last for a very long time and would hold up to all the name brands!! Very good pack!!