not being good enough

So recently i`ve been feeling like i don`t belong avywhere, but that is normal at my age -says doctors and parents-. 

Let me tell you a story... I`ve liked this guy for a very long time, but he was not really the best at talking to girls but especially me. I liked this guy for like five years or something (it was in middleschool) and we even dated once but i broke up with him after a week or so because he still didnt talk to me. But anyways he liked playing LOL (League Of Legens) and then my brother started to play it and he forced me to play it aswell and it turned out to be VERY funny. I never really got any good at it but i really liked playing it. Then a lot of stuff happened to me and that guy i had a crush on and it ended up with him liking another girl but at that moment i wasn`t sure he liked her. I should say that i still liked him then. But he asked -over facebook- if i wanted to play  with him, and i answered a bit late and he said that he was playing with that other girl. I was a bit weirded out... But i still played with them and about halfway into the game i wrote in the chat "You are not good" and when "And you are not bad" and a last "You just sucks" I was looking at that for about five minnuttes before i fully understood that he had written that in the fucking online chat so all the other players could see it. I`m like: whaaaaat? I didn`t reply though. i didn`t know what to say. Remeber that i still liked him then. BUT i got over him pretty quick after that. 

Okay then just today i was playing counterstrike with one of my really good friends (i`m gonna tell you about him in another post) and he was really mad and i still don`t know why. But he just blamed it all on me! And when he said that this other girl was so much better then me and he called me a fucking diva... I got really mad but also really sad! Because i think i might like this guy? And he might like that girl that is so much better then me. I`m still sad. i hung up the skype call and logged of steam and CS. 

Please tell me what to do? I really need help?

knuz Anonym