Six Common Sleep Problems

High blood pressure is a common disease of the modern age with every 1 out of 3 persons suffering from it and the number is daily on the rise. Blame it on the modern age life style factors or some congenital faults it is well known as the 'silent killer'. Because in many cases the patient remains unaware of the disease before a fatal consequence befalls him. Blood pressure is the pressure which the heart exerts as it pumps blood into the walls of the artery. A normal pressure is essential for the circulation of blood, so if the pressure is high it is called High Blood Pressure. The heart has to work more to pump the blood causing a stress on the organ. Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm Hg, any pressure above 130/90 mm Hg can be termed as high blood pressure.

It is very good for brain also. The density of antioxidant element in 2 table spoon of chocolate powder has more than 2 times what red wine has, and it 3-4 times more than antioxidant in green tea. So drinking hot chocolate frequently helps in maintaining healthy brain cell, preventing neurological problems.

How is your diet? high blood pressure symptoms Almost everyone of us could improve in this area! Is your food convenient but not nutritious? Are you eating fresh fruits and vegetables or alot of starchy, processed foods?

Several diets came to mind when I was researching the internet for a good diet for diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure 80 130. I have several family members that are vegetarians and I never really looked at what their diet might be like. I found several websites and this is what I found.

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Over time, job-related stress can perpetuate a vicious cycle of physical and psychological trauma. Physical stress injuries make it difficult or impossible to perform even the most menial tasks. Workers with job-related psychological disorders tend to miss work more and have more difficulty focusing than those who don't. Eventually, job-related stress can result in a significant amount of income loss. At its worst, you could even lose your job over it.

Truth is, they're both lousy for us. high blood pressure symptoms Both types increase kidney and heart disease risk, plus they contain acids that erode tooth enamel and welcome cavities. It's always best to satisfy your thirst with water, diluted fruit juice, and green tea rather than any type of soda.

blood pressure is the force of the blood pushing against the walls of the arteries. Blood Pressure is recorded as two numbers. For example 120/80.The larger number indicates the pressure in the arteries as the heart squeezes out blood during each beat. It is called the Systolic Blood Pressure. The lower number indicates the pressure as the heart relaxes before the next beat. It is called the Diastolic blood pressure. Blood does not circulate in an even stream around the body, but travels in a constant series of spurts. Therefore the pressure peaks in the blood vessels just after a heart beat and then ebbs until the next one. This is a continuous process.

A While high blood pressure symptoms there is no downside consider this. We have around 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (three hundred sextillion) free radicals in our body. Whenever we consume one antioxidant, it eliminates one free radical. Unfortunately, with this method, we cannot even begin to make a dent in the number.

Used to cure insomnia and many other ailments for thousands of years relaxation techniques are becoming more and more popular with main stream health care professionals to cure insomnia. high blood pressure symptoms As a cure for insomnia you need to practice relaxation regularly , notice the experience of the sounds of the simple things in life.

I know that this is a big order for you, Parents, but if we let this stand as it is, we have been defeated have been defeated by the cereal companies and the Twinkie people who have spent fortunes advertising to our kids to shape their appetites to the cereal companies' and Twinkie peoples' needs. We have to ask ourselves whose needs come first, our kids or the huge cereal corporations'. And then, we must act accordingly! We cannot sacrifice our kids by our lack of interest, know-how or energy!