Half Ticket India - First “Curated Video on Demand Megastore”

With more than 1000 movies made across the country per year in 12 languages and more than 800 TV channels we are being bombarded by content every minute in the real world.

Result: We don’t get to see what we want to see and when we want to see!

Further, the Internet offers the greatest challenge in terms of watching what is available. With YouTube leading the way by uploading 100 hours of content every minute supported by several other players like Dailymotion, Internet Archive, Vimeo, Crackle, Internet Archive who do their own bit in adding to this mountain of content, we are today faced with the option of consuming more than 150 hours of video content per minute equal to 3600 hours of content per day or 108,000 hours per month or 12,96,000 hours of content per year. Translated to pure maths, this means it will take you 150 years to consume all the content that is put on the internet in 1 single year. Of course we don’t want to see everything in this world but definitely want to see what we “want to see”! Question is how do we discover that particular content without having to engage in search activities and be able to watch bollywood movies online just like we do on our TV sets at home. It is astonishing to see that the Internet has millions of legally available free videos that are premium content like movies, TV shows, sporting events, documentaries, kid stuff etc. which we fail to discover due to the hugeness of the daily supply of videos that come.

Content “Discovery”, hence is today the greatest challenge faced by all of us and finding to see something that we want is a bigger exercise than watching the content itself.

On the other hand, the geographical spread of our country prevents regional language cinema and shows to travel from the state where it is exhibited to other parts of the country or the world where the Indian Diasporas wait eagerly for content in their mother tongue but can’t get any due to several factors.

Recognizing this huge gap between “what we want to see” Vs “what we get to see”, Half Ticket has one of the most simple and straight way of watching content. Curation. No automated robots, software, databases etc. Employing age old technique used by art curators, we personally handpick each and every piece of content you see on our website with the help of our team of curators on a daily basis from multiple content sites across the world. What you get in the end is a carefully selected list of Premium content from around the world legally.

No User generated content, No personal videos, Just Premium content! With fantastic free hindi movies from the past to the latest ones & TV shows to help you catch up we also bring to you great documentaries and special section for kids. For those who wish to hone their culinary skills, we get you some of the best cookery shows of the world or if your hear is in spirituality then sit back and relax with words of wise men and women from across the world from all faiths .

In simple words, Half Ticket is your ticket to Limitless entertainment of watching what you want, where you want and when you want!

Click on a Video Sit back, and Enjoy