Characteristic that Most Effective Leaders Share

It may be easier to spot effective leadership than it is to determine what makes someone and effective leader. That doesn't hinder researchers from trying. At best, the findings from these studies are thought provoking.

It may appear to some that great leaders are born. Fortunately the common traits that definition of effective leadership share can be developed with the help of an effective leadership coach.

Shared Traits of an Effective Leader

1. Confidence

She is one who is confident in her abilities and helps her people overcome their own self doubt. She sees them in their best light regardless of where they may be at the moment.

2. Vision

The best leaders have vision and can share that vision in such a way that it inspires followers to action.

3. Communication

Some studies point to extroverts as better leaders for obvious reasons but other studies show introverts make effective leaders because of their strong ability to understand and listen. Communication isn't always verbal although it helps. As a highly effective leader you much be able to communicate on several levels. Your team needs to be aware of any changes and expect to be effective.

4. Supportive

For your team to do their very best, they must feel safe to express their truth freely. That comes from a leader who isn't threatened by people who may be smarter or more talented.

5. Integrity

Having integrity speaks volumes and a leader cannot expect longevity without this trait. People need to trust that you will do what you say. Moreover, people need to know that you won't sway in your stance.

6. Decisive

The ability to make decisions and to stick with those decisions makes for a great leader.

7. Conscientiousness

Top leaders are goal oriented and organized enough to work toward the goal. There must be a way to measure success and effective leaders thrive for this. In addition, leaders are able to give constructive feedback to their team to help clear any block that may be stopping the achievement of the overall goal.

While personality studies are interesting, their findings don't speak to everyone. As it pertains to which type will make the best leader consider this information as a good resource to help cultivate potential leadership traits. No one wants a leader that's a clone. Instead of trying to change yourself to fit the study consider using effective leadership training to improve upon what you already have to offer.

Traits that Most Effective Leaders Share