Humidistat Setting

Humidifier is an appliance that is used to add humidity in your house. If you are living in a dry, cold region, having a humidifier is a must to protect your family from the hazards of dryness. Excessively dry air can cause chapped lips, cracked skin, dry hair, itchy nose, etc. A humidifier often works in collaboration with an air conditioner to maintain the temperature and humidity indoors. Humidistat setting allows you to get the desired level of humidity in your house.

Ideal Settings

Humidistat controls may either be located near a thermostat on the main floor (if your humidifier is a part of central air conditioning system), or may be mounted on a separate duct. When your humidifier works along with your air conditioning system, you need to adjust the settings of the thermostat along with humidistat. The setting is dependent upon several factors which are Click here to read more. as follows:

Number and type of occupants in the house.

Exterior air temperature.

Type and placement of insulation in house.

Vapor barriers.

Effectiveness of weather stripping.

Type of windows and doors (including frames and jams).

Whether or not storm windows and doors are installed.

Since, so many variables are involved it is almost impossible to predict an ideal setting for humidistat, that would work for every household. You will have to find out what setting best suits the requirements of your house. As most of the above variables are specific to every individual household, we are providing settings according to external temperature.

Humidistat Setting and External Temperature

If the external temperature is above 20