Bill Learns the Secret, Hidden, Secured Absent, Super-duper Traffic Making Power of New Blog Park

Some-one posted a comment on one of my articles at EzineArticles that I'd written regarding the have to have a Wordpress website. The point made was that whether you've a Wordpress website or among the other styles of blogs, you still have to have traffic.

Today, traffic is a area of the formula that's necessary for the success of your Web business. Without traffic you'll have no revenue. Without sales, you have no Internet business.

In this essay I'll speak about ways to get links for your newly created Word-press blog. Discover further about orange county seo company by browsing our astonishing site. You see, if you just bought a whole new domain and made a Word-press blog on that domain you will maybe not get any traffic until you have links pointing to your blog. Remember, 'no links equals no traffic.' Allow me to say it yet another way, you have got to get links pointing to your website or you will not succeed!

These links ought to be of the very best quality. If you get 25 links from sites that are not power sites it'll not do you much good. It would be much better to get 5 links from internet sites which have good page ranking and are carefully matched to the topic of one's website.

You will find two methods for getting these types of links. First, you can study the internet and find high quality web sites that are theme related to your theme and contact them asking for links to your website. Visiting url probably provides cautions you might tell your family friend. All the best with that, why would they want to link to your brand-new page ranking zero site?

I would suggest that you create a 'Weblog Farm.' Your own weblog farm has one distinct advantage of being under your full control. Instead of being forced to go begging for links, you will have the ability to add a link from your blog park to your brand-new Wordpress blog yourself. As a matter-of fact, you'll have the power-to add a connect to 'any' new weblog that you create in the near future.

What goes on will be the connect to your new Wordpress blog brings the search engine spiders which is essential for your blog to be listed in the major search engines, which are Yahoo, Google, and MSN.

I will go over the details of just 'how' to make a website park in my next article.