Vacuum Truck Services Edmonton

Vacuum Truck Services Edmonton

For any organization, it is very important that the equipment used is kept in good condition. If the machinery is not properly maintained it may lead to major complications in the future that can affect your company’s productivity. A major factors that needs to be taken care of is about the maintenance/cleaning process. Equipment such as a tank need to be cleaned regularly, if neglected there may be a chance of them getting rust, contaminated with secondary products,or other neglectful damage.

 There are many companies that offer services that can aid in this process, most common would beVacuumTruck Services.  The companies that offer you withVacuum services have an efficient and trained personnel that operates according to your needs.A tank,be it a big one or a small needs to be cleaned, and the waste needs to be disposed of. The operators that are in charge of the tank cleaning services are well trained people who will complete the job very effectively and efficiently. Different types ofEquipmentthat a Vacuum Truck can be useful in cleaning are:


·         Diesel tanks

·         Holding tanks

·         Mud tanks

·         Waste oil tanks

·         Sumps and catch basins

·         Containment tanks

·         Sludge tanks

·         Fuel tanks

·         Wash bay sumps

·         Caustic tank clean-up

·         Parts washer tanks


The company will ensure the services meet your expectations.The Vactruck operators are usually H2S trained and work according to your needs and requirements. Having Operators that are fully trained with Certificates lets the company offer you multiple services, Some of Vac truck services provided are


·         Tank cleaning

·         Confined Space Entry cleaning

·         Oil and diesel spill clean-up

·         Contaminated water

·         Drilling fluid / mud removal

·         Sewage disposal

·         Flood clean up

·         Sandblasting sand removal

·         Caustic tank clean-up

·         Pig cleaning

·         Sludge removal

·         Small hydroVac jobs

 Vac Truck Services Edmonton