Relocating Your Belongings Is Easier These Days

Has disorder started to dominate your Lancaster, PA home? If you do not have anymore space on your desk for today's mail, continue to run into furniture as you travel from room to room or just can't stand looking at those overflowing shelves of books any longer, it might be time for a clutter crash course.

Clutter is stealthy. It accumulates a little at a time so that we hardly notice there's a problem. Until one day we open the closet and stuff comes flying down from the top shelf. However it's a popular belief that lots of clutter promotes stress. Getting rid of clutter is often a great tactic to get a new lease on life. Now how do you get started?

Start small. Make a list of the rooms with the most clutter in your home. Begin with the most cluttered room. Look over the room. What stuff does not belong? Take a half hour and round up items that don't need to be in that space and either put them in another location or put them in a box to figure out later. After your half hour round, assess the room one more time. Does the room look larger, brighter and more inviting?

Second, assess the furniture in the space. Is there too much furniture? Are the items in the space too big? Think about removing excess items and replacing them with smaller, less intrusive items. Don't want to eliminate your mother's beautiful china closet or a special family chest? Don't figure it out now.

Look for a facility that provides self storage around Lancaster. You might find moderately priced storage facilities around Lancaster that will securely hold excess furnishings, seasonal decor items, outdoor furnishings and a whole lot more. Try this procedure for every room in your home over the next few weeks. Work on one room each time and you will be well on your way to decluttering your space and feeling less stressed.