Best Gemstone Website

With the growth of the internet and the ecommerce revolution Gemstones and Gemstone information that was accessible only to a select few and has come in the public domain. New Gemstone websites are sprouting by the day each claiming to be credible.

How does one separate the wheat from the chaff and what are the criteria that make one gemstone website valuable and what makes one worthless.

The internet has to an extent revolutionised the gemstone business and quality information that was rarely accessible to the consumer in the earlier times is available provided the customer has the judgement to pick the valuable from the worthless.

Also the second biggest advantage is the choice of Gemstones. Today a client can choose from a huge variety and range that was unavailable earlier and the only agency to get the gemstone was the local jewellery stores that carry limited inventory based on their previous sales statistics.

In countries like India most of the local inventory carried is based on the stone weight and client of the budget while omitting serious important criteria such as the difference between a stone and a gemstone or whether a Gemstone is fully natural or free from treatment.

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