The Workout

At first you felt your ex boyfriend pulling away and then he said he needed a break. And if you think you can only do one style of pull up it only takes a little imagination to realize that even pull ups can be varied quite a lot to hit the muscle from different angles. For beginner athletes they simply dont have the strength in their back and arm muscles to lift their entire bodyweight up to a pull up bar. Intermediate gym goers actually probably have it worse because if theyve neglected Pull Ups this will often reveal huge gaps in their training program. Simply by using Pull Ups you can create solid strength in your Biceps, Lats, Shoulders and also the Traps.

I just got around to reading this article this afternoon and I had just performed my first full pull up this morning! I only had to train” for a week (Ive been strength training for the past year-just hammer curls, overhead presses and the like; nothing too tough) by holding myself up for 5 counts for multiple reps and then jumping up and slowly lowering myself down. Then, I just got up the courage to try a real full fledged pull up and succeeded! The main reason that I wanted to start doing pull ups is to help build up my lat/back muscles.

The difference between a Kipping Pull Up and a regular one is that you use your legs when you Kip but dont use them in regular ones. You do need to take care to make the movement symmetrical, something which is easier in a regular pull up. Even strong people, especially bodybuilders, who weigh a lot due to their How To Do More Pull Ups Instantly large muscles, may find it hard to do a pull ups. Once the sit ups become easier, begin adding weights and continuing to lift heavier and heavier weights. But I DO recognize theyre their own thing.” Comparing a kipping pull-up to a strict pull-up is like comparing a push press to a strict military press.

When you get on the bar you want to pull your shoulder blades down and lock your shoulders into their sockets. There are countless ways to pull your body up. You can do chin ups with your palms facing you at a number of different grip widths. You can also do chin ups with your palms facing each other, or pull ups with your palms facing away at multiple grip widths.

Like ANY weight training exercise, both chin ups and pull ups are perfectly safe… unless you do something incorrectly. For starters, any type of pull up, chin up or lat pull-down done behind the neck is potentially one of the worst things you can do for shoulder health. Beyond that, people with a preexisting history of shoulder problems may find that a chin up grip is a little less stressful on their shoulders than a pull up grip. On the other hand, some people may find that a pull up grip is a lot more comfortable for their wrists and forearms than a chin up grip. Maybe do pull ups for lower reps one day, and then chin ups for higher reps another day (like I recommend in The Muscle Building Workout Routine ).

Hi John, I just started the programme last week; have already gone from 2 chinups to 7, probably more from better technique than strength but Im happy either way. So, I cant tell you anything for sure other than that if you follow a good program and work hard, youll get excellent results. I started training off a base of a max of 12 three weeks ago, with a target of 20+ but have had a week on holiday in the middle when I couldnt access a bar.