Floyd Mayweather Vs Victor Ortiz Fight Preview and Buzz

Floyd Mayweather vs. Victor Ortiz is 1 of the greatest boxing fights and events of the year. Taking location on September 17, 2011, from Las Vegas, NV, Mayweather vs. Ortiz is an thrilling, intriguing bout in the welterweight division. It attributes 1 of the sport's best fighters and greatest names in a lengthy awaited return, and he's facing a potent, young champion intent on maintaining up his winning methods.

Ortiz is coming off his massive win over Andre Berto earlier in the year. In that fight, a Fight of the Year candidate, Ortiz proved all of his doubters incorrect by knocking down Berto twice, and surviving two knockdowns, on his way to winning a 12 round unanimous decision. He took home the WBC welterweight title for his efforts, the exact same welterweight title that Mayweather utilized to hold.

Mayweather, for his part, is coming off a 16 month absence from the ring, in which he has remained in the headlines due to all sorts of drama and legal troubles. But he's focused on this fight and he's searching to make a statement to the globe. He wants to face and defeat a young, difficult opponent, and he desires to get 1 step closer to lastly putting together the generation's mega-fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Team Mayweather is finally talking like they want that fight, and would be eager to get it produced. In case you don't think them, consider that Victor Ortiz is a ideal tune-up for Mayweather prior to facing the Filipino icon. Ortiz is a potent puncher, he is an aggressive fighter, he's a southpaw, and he has fast hands. These are all traits that Pacquiao has, of course, creating Mayweather vs. Ortiz even more exciting because of what it could mean in the future.

While individuals have criticized Mayweather's opponents and inactivity more than the previous few years, nobody can really say something poor about Ortiz. Mayweather vs. Ortiz is a meaningful fight, and Ortiz was one of the best opponents out there for Mayweather to fight. It should be an exciting fight, there's a opportunity of a beautiful upset, and there's a opportunity of even bigger fights in the future.

Ortiz will need to find a way to land one of his big punches, potentially hoping that Mayweather is a bit rusty or his reflexes are a bit slower with age and time. Mayweather will appear to counter punch and take benefit of ample possibilities to hit the aggressive, less skilled and much less talented fighter. Make no error though, Ortiz is a live underdog, and 1 punch could change every thing.

Nevertheless you think the fight is going to play out, it should be a great one. Mayweather vs. Ortiz has great possible to be a memorable night of boxing and to be a great, important fight in the sport. Be sure to be on hand for the fight on Saturday, September 17, to see how it all shakes out.

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