Understanding The Jiu Jitsu Scoring System

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the more popular types of martial arts that was developed by the Japanese. Proven Strategies For Improving Your Conditioning For Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) In all of the tournaments for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, the winners are decided by a scoring system. A match up in Jiu Jitsu comprises of a couple of one minute rounds with a break of 30 seconds in between. The referee will look at the scores during the break and players are able to rest. For black belt matches, they are the same other than the rounds are two minutes long.

Points are determined by how a player cleanly hits their opponent in the legal areas using the right hand or foot techniques. If you do hits to the head, they are permitted as long as they are touch contact or light. In case you perform a light or medium contact roundhouse kick to the inner or outer thigh, it counts as a point. A point also occurs when the strike appears to injure or damage the challenger. A judge may grant more than one point, if a person launches a variety of strikes. In a grappling situation, numerous strikes are permitted within a five second period.

Extra points may be received with a controlled kick to the head, if it is to the head gear area with only a light touch. If you can execute a perfect hold down position for the given time you can receive multiple points. The points received for black belts are two points every 10 seconds held down up to 30 seconds and for lower belts are two points per 5 seconds held down up to 15 seconds. The referee gives the signal to begin the timing of the hold down and the bell will not save you from being held down. Various other ways to score points are by submission, and by executing a half-throw or sweep which causes the opponent's foot to leave the mat. The referee could intervene if a choke or lock might cause a serious injury and will allow the fight to continue.

If an opponent uses too much contact during the match, the referee could subtract points. This can be by running out of bounds to stay clear of fighting, illegal fighting tactics, falling on the ground in order to avoid an attack, and striking illegal areas. You can also expect to lose points if you act in an unsportsman like manner, show disrespect to the opponent or to the officials or continuing to fight after being instructed to stop. If required, the referee could disqualify a player as opposed to taking away points. If you're disqualified from a match, no matter how minor the reason was, you will be kicked out of the entire event. In the event the reason is very serious, a major disqualification will lead to a ban from participating in any competitions for a specific time period.

Many sports are very different from Jiu Jitsu with regards to scoring. The scores are tabulated and the winner is proclaimed by the referee after the rounds are completed which sounds just like boxing.